Prof. Dr. Hab Alicja Galazka

/ Poland

Psychologist, linguist, ICI Vice President for Coaching in Poland, trainer and international educator. Lecturer and researcher in the university setting, and in multiple private institutions. Graduate of the University of Silesia and the School of Education of the University of Exeter, UK. Author of many postgraduate programs. Coordinator and speaker in many international projects, scientific projects, as well as in the field of research. She has participated in numerous European university courses, mainly in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States. Speaker and trainer in the field of international communication, creative thinking and problem solving, the development of social and emotional intelligence and the optimization of each individual’s potential.

Expert in the world of theater and associated methods in the field of education, expert in the field of interpersonal relationships in training, expert in therapy. Founder and director of the FUTURE Education Center, which for 20 years has been involved in the education of children, young people and adults, carrying out many research projects, as well as training in the European Union . The author of innovative methods in the teaching of foreign languages, based on the foundations of cognitive psychology, psycho-neurology and theatrical staging.