Moncef Triki

/ Tunisia

Man of theater and communication, studied the theater in Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle and the communication on the ground via Tunisian media radios and televisions. Professor at the University, he taught theater, storytelling and storytelling. As a trainer, coach and therapist, he founded two training firms on corporate communication, associated with theatrical techniques. He currently represents ALFACOM in partnership with Psynapse. His theatrical practice had always affected Hypnosis without knowing it like Mr Jourdain with prose. Through the dramatic narratives he constructed with his students, he noted a behavioral evolution in them through the artistic, visual, vocal and gestural representation of his tales. A metaphor and changes were noticed in the attitudes of his students.

The hero’s quest, metaphors, resource characters, obstacles, initiatory stages … all contributed to the changes in behavior in the audience as well as in the storyteller, supported by the inflections of the voice and their impact on the ‘Warning. The parallel is quickly made, the structured narrative occupies the conscious while the metaphors penetrate the unconscious. That is why he naturally associates storytelling and hypnosis in his therapeutic approaches with his clients, which today is the subject of his participation in this conference.