Mohamed S El.Ghandour

/ Egypt

A seasoned human being with more than 28 years of corporate multinational experience; From Customer Service, IT, Business Analysis roles for Middle East and Africa with Inter-Continental hotels & Resorts.. To Regional Marketing, Sports Marketing & Advertising roles affiliated with Havas Sports, France. Finally, an Entrepreneur, launching his tech start-up in 2005 for Online Advertising. Speaking 3 languages fluently, always enriched his abilities to learn, and to communicate.

MG has known success, failure, and success! Which makes him more of a real human, in touch with everybody’s every day life challenges. In 2009, he joined Dale Carnegie®, where he became a Certified People Performance Coach. With almost 1500 days (more than 11,000 hours) training /coaching, This is where he started to fall in love with Self Development & Human Personal Development.
He worked with a multitude of multinational and local clients in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, and Jordan.

MG major strength lies in his ability to simplify the “back to basic” concepts of life, into easy solution