Karl & Nandana Nielsen

/ Germany

Prof. Karl Nielsen

As the President of the German Association of Psychotherapy, Karl Nielsen addresses psychology through a wide-field as Coaching Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Psychology, business Psychology, health-care Psychotherapy and clinical psychology. Karl Nielsen is the co-founder and co-developer of the World Council of Psychotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Psychology (NLPdy) and NLP based on scientific data. He is the Headmaster of the International School of Psychology within the field of Clinical Psychology and has been appointed as permanent teacher of the Central University of Nicaragua, the division of International programs, he is also in charge of the School of Psychology, within the field of clinical psychology and human development. Moreover, he is the president of the International Association of NLP Institutes (IN) www.nlp-institutes.net and the CEO of the NLP and Coaching Institute of Berlin www.nlp-nielsen.de. As a founding member, he is actively involved in the development of ICI International Association of Coaching Institutes www.coaching-institutes.net and the WHO (World Hypnosis Organization) www.world.hypnosis.org. As a scientific researcher at the Central University of Nicaragua, he is focusing on human development, international university programs development and on the work of a sociologist as social therapists and sociological studies of long-term families at the university of Berlin.

Prof. Nandana Nielsen

Nandana Nielsen is a guest of honour for the International World Congress 2017 – Hypno-Culture. She is one of the leading figures within the scientific field of brief therapy, NLP and Coaching associated with Hypnosis. She is also a professor at the Azteca University in Mexico, at the department of international programs, and at the central university of Nicaragua. On top of that, she is an educator of the “Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und Fürsorge” (German association for public and private welfare). Nandana devoted herself to the development of institutions, that are mainly engaged with society and young people.

In this context, she is able to provide a high standard of education, through various trainings and conferences. She is the CEO of the ‘International Association of NLP Institutes’ (IN) www.nlp-institutes.net but also the president of the ‘International Association of Coaching Institutes’ (ICI) www.coaching-institutes.net, and the CEO of the ‘NLP and Coaching Institute of Berlin’ www.nlp-nielsen.fr and a founding member of the WHO (World Hypnosis Organization) www.world-hypnosis.org. And to finish, Nandana is a referent of the Family Court of Waren and Eisenach. Nandana is the president of the International Association of Coaching Institute (ICI).