Bento Augusto da Cunha Santos

/ Brazil

Business administrator, Bento Augusto is a businessman for more than 20 years in the field of courses and trainings of human development. He is the founder and director of VOCÊ Institute and AICIS (International Academy of Systemic Integrative Coaching) and has more than 40 franchises in all regions of Brazil, in Europe and the United States. Specialized in Applied Psychodynamics, Human Behavior, Neuroscience and Neurolinguistic Leadership, Bento Augusto is Master Trainer certified by IANLP and Master Coach formed by BerdIsert, certified by ICI and ECA.

Business Leader for the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, Bento has developed important courses and training in the areas of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Family Constellation, as well as various team programs. Recognized as one of the leading names in NLP in Latin America, he is also the author of books on these areas.