Sub-modalities and theatrical techniques in schools

It was by training herself later on at NLP and Hypnosis that Chantal noticed that she was doing “prose without knowing it”: the majority of the theatrical training exercises she was building (improvisations, development potential corporal and vocal, tales to imagine and play …) joined the NLP and hypnotic protocols. Currently, she uses storytelling and metaphors for small children by telling or playing stories to wake up or fall asleep, to overcome fears, to recognize and welcome emotions and to reveal each child’s potentials to facilitate learning. concepts through a metaphorical model and participate in the process of Education.

The purpose of this lecture is to highlight the importance of some drama preparation exercises that are built according to the NLP model. By integrating sub-modality work and symbolic projection into the techniques of improvisation, development of body and vocal potential, into the tale to imagine and play, Chantal has succeeded in helping his students to build a better future.

March 23


– 15:00


Hall Tulipe

Chantal Viudès Triki