Speed Hypnosis (repeat)

Speed Hypnosis and Street Hypnosis are often compared, although the techniques can be similar, the fast inductions approach allows many clients to find a deep trance level very quickly. Based on the approach of Dave Elmann and of course Milton Erickson, used from the beginning by therapists such as Richard Bandler and Jerry Kein, the use of rapid induction technique will allow you to use it at the right time, and to save time on the therapeutic plateau. In addition, with adolescents, this playful approach will allow you to start working with a more relaxed approach than traditional relaxation induction. In this workshop, you will come back to the suggestibility tests, and will be able to experiment with rapid inductions such as the “Bandler handshake”, the “crystal skull”, the “Elmann inductions” and many more surprises.

March 24


– 10:00


Hall Tulipe

Xavier Guinand & Christophe Kindbleiter&nbsp