Reaching a natural turning point in your psychological and spiritual Development

This is the monumental event in your adult development where you shift from what the renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow called ‘esteem needs’ to ‘selfactualization needs.’ a reflection on Ken Wilbers’ life work and the wisdom deep down into the Amazon’s Tribe. Your growing dissatisfaction with your old ways of being and your underlying frustration with the day-in day-out grind of “ordinary” life is a clear sign that you’re ready to make this shift and consciously engage in the process of selfactualization. The truth is you have been preparing for this moment your whole life. The time has come for you to answer this inner call, awaken your untapped potentials and step into the greatest, most empowered version of you.

March 23


– 16:05


Hall Tulipe

Rodrigo Minozzi