Practical introduction to NLP-based Mindfulness and 7 Kinds of Human intelligence

In this presentation we will enjoy group exercises in Mindfulness on all 7 HDL levels, including Relaxation (Ahhh), Body Scan, Fire Breathing, Magic Moments with inner light, love power, logical arguments, expressing our states in movements… so that you can enjoy a first-hand wonderful experience of NLP based Mindfulness.

The Intelligences of the 7 first Human Development Levels (HDL) are:
1. Body Intelligence: Gatherer & Hunters – What does my body tell me?
2. Spiritual Intelligence: Tribes – Spirits, Fairies, Magic and Miracles
3. Emotional Intelligence: Power – Emotions and self-expression
4. Rational Intelligence (IQ): Order & Rules – bureaucracy and democracy
5. Creative Intelligence: Science & Success – factfulness and curiosity
6. Social Intelligence: Team – subjectivity and understanding each other
7. Integral or Mindfulness Intelligence: Being Motivation and understanding 1-6

March 22


– 16:00



Prof. Karl Nielsen