Positive Education

Globally there is a growing interest in Positive Education. The Model of Positive Education is a flexible, science-informed framework for supporting the flourishing of students, staff, schools and other systems. It combines traditional education with approaches from Positive Psychology to increase individual wellbeing

This presentation will provide insights into ground-breaking concepts. You will profit from exciting case studiesfrom leading model schools from around the world, from sharing of experiences andknowledge, getting to know extremely effective techniques- and from latest research.

Traditionally schools strived for academic excellence as success evidence. However, statistics show afirm increase in psychological distress and mental illness in our children, adolescents and teachers.A different approach is needed.

Research found, that that Positive Psychology interventions decrease depression, that resilience is boosted, higher motivationachieved, that happier students make higher achievers and teacher´s lives becomes easier.

Positive Education utilizes Seligman´s PERMA model and Values in Action (VIA) classification, strength-based interventions in educational systems are powerful. Positive Education is a route to fulfill the intellectual potential through learning of the best that has been thought and known. And the development of character strengths and well-being which contributes to a variety of positive life outcomes.

And the good news is, these approaches are quite simple to introduce into education.

We can all flourish!

March 22


– 17:25


Hall Hortensia

Angela Bachfeld