Emergency Education for refugees in Dadaab, Kenya

Conflict in Somalia has caused millions to flee the country since 1990, many to Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps, which have been in existence for 20 years and now hold over 520,000 refugees. To date, Many refugees leave behind more than their home when conflict forces them to flee – they must also abandon their schools. More than half of all refugees in Dadaab are aged under 18years, and some older refugees were displaced while pursuing tertiary education.

Objectives: Broad Objective; To Establish the State of emergence refugee Education in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya. Specific Objectives: To establish the state of demographics of refugees in Dadaab .To establish the living conditions in Dadaab refugee camp. To determine the state of mental health among refugees in Dadaab. To establish the state of emergency refugee Education in Dadaab refugee camp,Kenya.Methods:Literrature Review, Personal interview with health workers at Hagdale Refugee hospital .Focus Group discussion with refugee students on BSc community health program 35 students from Dadaab were admitted to pursue a degree course on Educational

March 23


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Hall Lilas

Rodgers Songole