Coaching: a new educational method

Coaching in Poland isbecoming a very popular method for the development of professional and personalcompetences.

Coaching, due to effectiveness, hasbeenimplemented as aneffectivemethod of competence development also in education. Nowadays, the role of modern teachersgoes far beyond the framework of traditionalteaching. Currently, the biggest challenge for teachersishow to motivatestudents to learn, and effectivelysupportthem in the process of developing theirownpotential. The progress and development of modern technologiesmeansthat the student hasaccess to a hugeamount of information and the latestknowledge in a shorttime. It ishighlyprobablethat the student seesrealitycompletelydifferentlythanhisexperiencedteacher. Often the reality in thesetwoperspectivesdifferssignificantly from eachother, alsodue to generationaldifferences. Thiscauses the risk of a deepmisunderstanding on bothsides. Therefore, educatorsneednewskills to effectivelydeal with the challengesposed by a modern student and modern school.

The idea of educational   coaching can be a greatsolution to teachers’ problems.

During the lecturewill be presented the results of the implementation of coaching amongstudentsduring the lesson. Thisinnovativeproject was designed to preparestudents to enteradulthood, to the labor market, and to makematuredecisions

March 23


– 15:00


Hall Hortensia

Lilianna Kupaj