Blue color ambassador

The professions in the craft sector (i.e. plumbers, mechanics, carpenters) offer young people a solid career base and the chance for entrepreneurship. The above project follows the demand of the EU to enhance entrepreneurial skills in young people and to develop self-confidence and social competence.The seminar has been running successfully in cooperation with schools, vocational schools, companies and the German chamber of crafts for more than 10 years.

Over 5000 “Ambassadors” aged 15 to 22 have been certified. The seminar is accepted by small and medium sized businesses as qualification for vocational training. Additional modules i.e. conflict management and intercultural team development have been incorporated. At the congress practical sequences of this seminar and NLP skills used will be presented along with an outline of developping business-oriented trainings for young people.

March 23


– 10:00


Hall Tulipe

Andrea Mills