Virginie Vernois & Valérie Roumanoff

/ France

Virginie Vernois

Virginie Vernois is the founder of Psynapse, French leading Institute, she is also an NLP Master Trainer IN and a Hypnosis Master Trainer Who (World Hypnosis Organization), a Coaching Master Trainer of ICI ‘International Association of Coaching Institutes’, a Master Trainer of Hypnosis FFHTB and NGH, she also teaches DNR (Deep Neural Repatterning) and often uses NLP toolbox. As a Psychopratician within the field of brief therapy, Virginie is also a Yoga teacher and a traditional Karate practitioner. She uses the base of NLP presuppositions and brief therapy with Ericksonian Hypnosis, Spiritual Hypnosis, Speed Hypnosis, Hypno-Sophrology or corporeal Hypnosis, Dynamic Hypnosis as well as the art of Conversational Hypnosis, in order to enlighten personalized choices and to generate lasting impulses. During several years, her professionalism turned toward excellence, and it is now a source of inspiration among trainers from Psynapse Institute, that she founded with Philippe Vernois, her husband. Together they share their passion, their success, and the recognition of their peers as well as an international recognition.

Valérie Roumanoff

Valérie Roumanoff is a NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis Trainer, at the renowned Psynapse Institute IN, ICI and WHO. With her ability to be rigorous and professional, Valérie Roumanoff shares her rich experience within her own Parisian practice. Moreover, she is passionate about theatre that sometimes supports the therapeutic game. During trainings, she is able to prove with lucidity that personal changes are simple, fast, radical and lasting. Contrary to popular belief, therapeutic art can be pleasant both for the patient and for the therapist, whilst passion and benevolence dwells the therapist. Valérie Roumanoff enjoys supporting families, children and teens because they do have a special sensitivity. With Virginie Vernois, they animate a training together, that is intended to train people that are willing to work with children.