You are a Creator

“Life long learning” is the theme of this conference. The first question the popped into my mind reading this is: How do we – humans – learn? Or in other words: What is the process that happens inside our minds as we get to learn about something? Linguistic point of view suggests that we learn by differentiation. As children we would learn to use different sensory inputs (vision, taste, smell, etc) as markers to differentiate between things. so we learn about things by distinguishing them from the whole. This understanding for the process of learning from a linguistic point of view actually matches how developmental psychologists explains how we start to perceive – or to build our own perception for – things around us. In my talk, we will discuss in more details this process of learning, the process by which our minds create a standalone concept for every thing by marking it’s differentiators and why do we sometimes need to drop these differentiators and connect with the thing as part of the totality.

March 23


– 11:25


Hall Tulipe

Yahya Ismail