Impact of society’s System of Values on Pedagogocal Approches: Graves’s Spiral

Training, learning, knowledge, competence. Many words to speak about a vague subject: the preparation for a novelty for which a programmed or spontaneous answer is expected. What is learning? Know something new? Know how to do something new?

Do we want to make learning interesting or useful?
• Interesting for the cognitive: the idea
• The usefulness for action: doing it.

A strong idea of ​​NLP is: “the idea is not the action”.

How to use this concept to guide your training and maximize learning in general and memorization in particular.

“If I know, I can do it,” my friend Jo said to me. And if I could consider doing to finally know?

In this lecture, Jean-Charles Caustier develops the tools of NLP to promote memorization in learning and to maximize the effects of learning.

March 23


– 11:25



Jean-Charles Caustier