Hypnosis and Hyperempiria

Hyperempiria, created by Gibbons during the 70’s, is the actual opposite of hypnosis, in terms of suggestions that are used to bring an altered state. Hyperempiria can be seen as a ‘new state’, just as a new painting can be seen as a new form of art. The crucial question concerns inductive procedures. Its principle is an ascending trance. So, you are not going to ‘deepen’ or ‘focus’ your patient, instead, you will make him aware of everything around. So you are going to awake him as much as possible, as an opening of consciousness, the possibility of feeling the ecstasy, a path to another reality. Of course, this leads to a saturation of the mind, which will allow the trance. We will use the principle of suggestions that we already know in hypnosis, not to associate to the voice’s subject, but to give him an opportunity to be more and more aware of things around him. This allows people to rediscover themselves and they will be able to regain a lot of resources, in a much more ‘infinite sphere’, even more than in hypnosis. Hyperempiria allows an expansion of oneself and of the awareness. The more you are going to open the field of consciousness for your patient, the more you will allow it to last for a definite period of time.

September 10


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Grégoire de Lasteyrie